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A Collection of Randomness

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As a photographer capturing light is the only thing all senses desire simultaneously. The feeling in the back of your neck when you know you’ve hit that perfect shot is something that’s impossible to express in words. There’s a reason why there’s an ancient saying that tells you there’s no need for a thousands words when there is photo that can do the job in an instant. My name is Bram van den Broek and I’m what they call an “all-round photographer”. Although I don’t see myself as a person that’s practicing his profession to perfection it does feel like it. I encourage all people on planet earth to discover there surroundings, enjoy it en when you can: capture it. Life is excised but it passes by before you know it. Give yourself that little push and make shore all your memories are kept alive forever. Isn’t that the beauty of creation?

The possibility of keeping your true creativity in eye sight, forever and for anyone to behold. Before we go any further I don’t want to give, whoever’s reading this , the impression that I think that I’m close to being one of the greatest photographers that ever roamed this planet. No in contrary. I’m just a simple, modest guy from a small town in The Netherlands who would like to share some images with people who could appreciate them. Are there many that will like them? I don’t know. Well, let’s start this journey together. Let’s climb mountains, swim through oceans and live like there’s no tomorrow. But remember: Make. That. Shot. Count! Okay, so about this book. Like the title may suggest. It’s a collection of pretty random stuff. A Collection of Randomness is a combination of commercial and noncommercial work. It 

contains photographs of clients of my marketing agency but is mostly filled with random stuff like Mediterranean buildings, prehistoric architecture, animals in fairytale like landscapes, woods and meadows in morning fog and Scandinavian landscapes which are stretching further than the eye can see. It are all shots taken on holiday’s, long strolls, nights out and early morning walks. To create those colorful and interesting stills I’ve always used my Nikon D750 body with a variety of full frame lenses. A few pages ahead you’ll find more on the technical side of creating immortal (potential) beauty. But for now, I want to thank you for reading my little preface, and hope my collection of randomness may give you and others some joy and entertainment. Yours sincerely, Bram van den Broek (27)

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